You are more powerful than you’ve been led to believe.

Transform the thoughts, beliefs and habits that hold you back.

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Hi, I'm Sheila.

Are you feeling stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed?

Are you tired of making the same mistakes over & over?

Are you looking for natural, simple ways to be more happy, healthy or free?

I get it! A healing journey can feel lonely, overwhelming & confusing. You can waste a lot of money & time on practitioners & approaches that don’t work or leave you feeling worse.

In my experience the keys that unlocked my healing were learning to regulate my nervous system, energy, mood & reprogramming my subconscious mind.

If you would like to take the next step towards healing, book a discovery call today.



Learning to breathe correctly & consciously empowers you to regulate and retrain your Nervous System.

This self-healing tool can transform your life on every level – body, mind & spirit.

PSYCH-K® Sessions

Simple, fast & effective.

You can unwire beliefs, habitual thoughts, emotions & behaviors and rewire new, supportive beliefs that move you in the direction of your dreams & goals.


Cultivating a daily meditation practice that incorporates tuning into the heart & elevated emotions to create heart & brain coherence retrains & rewires the brain & body so you create consciously not by default.

Rapid results my clients are reporting

Audrey Switzerland

The recurring nightmares I’ve had since 2008 are gone!

Patricia Dirlam Maine

I Experienced a sense of lightness and hope!

Raquel Ashton United Kingdom

Fear I had previously experienced had completely gone!

Robbert van Ede Netherlands

I noticed rapid, profound changes in my health

Eleonora Quinti Indonesia

Sheila helped me greatly with my life-long issue of my period pain

    FREE Guided Meditation

    Shift your energy now with my FREE Heart-Centered Meditation. 

    Moving Into Your Heart is a short meditation to bring you back to your heart. Training our nervous systems daily with heart-centered breathing and tapping into an elevated emotion empowers you to respond rather than react from habitual patterns.

    Use this meditation to reset after an upset, or to move into your heart to prepare for your day, a meeting, or anytime you need to come back to center. Heart coherence, like a muscle, is a skill that develops through practice and repetition. Enjoy!