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This is Part Two of the continuing discussion of four key qualities that can help us on our healing journey. The four qualities mentioned in Part One are: Compassion, Curiosity, Courage and Commitment. These elevated states assist us with our healing and becoming more whole.

Curiosity is a state of openness. It is a space where we can observe, question, identify patterns, notice programs. By pausing before reacting, curiosity creates expansiveness and playfulness. It is the precursor to wonder and awe.

Embodying the energy of curiosity enables us to connect more deeply with ourselves, nature or others. Tapping into this state can also reconnect us with our inner child’s sense of wonder that we all had before the world got ahold of us.

On my own healing journey, as I worked intensely with my inner child of 3 years old, I remembered how in love I was with nature – the sky, trees, birds, flowers. I spent hours exploring the flowers, bugs, worms or lying in the grass, cloud-watching, imagining whether I’d be a bird or a tree in my next life. Connecting with my inner 3 year old reawakened my innate and divine sense of curiosity. I realized that the deep traumas I lived through (as well as years of being so focused on healing from it) had obscured this beautiful part of myself who is so connected to and in awe of nature and rhythms of life. She observes. She is playful. She is creative. She is an explorer. She is wise.

All these qualities that my 3 year old self helps me access are the essence of what curiosity reveals to each of us – playfulness, creativity, inquisitiveness, wonder, observation. These are the qualities of being divinely human and humanly divine.

A state of curiosity enables us to be gentle and playful with ourselves, especially those aspects that we reject or desperately want to change. The paradox of growth and change is that any harshness toward any aspect of ourselves only creates more constriction. Creating spaciousness is crucial to finding the answers and wholeness we seek.

Softening our approach to ourselves also allows us to interrupt the subconscious programs and conditioning that we picked up from childhood. Beliefs, perceptions and habits begin to shift more quickly with the energy of curiosity. It makes the process of change much more enjoyable.

Curiosity brings clarity. We see things that we cannot otherwise see when we are in a state of reacting through the filter of our habitual thinking. In this state, we ask better quality questions. Better quality questions reveal new understandings, solutions and new places in ourselves, that would not have dawned on us in our more limited perception. It opens us up to new possibilities.

Begin to experiment with using the energy of curiosity more in your daily life and in particular your inner work. See if consciously choosing curiosity helps accelerate the healing and growth you seek. Notice how often invoking the energy of curiosity helps you soften into your self bringing you a bit more peace and self love.