The recurring nightmares I’ve had since 2008 are gone!

After our first session I started to feel more confident, more relaxed and at peace with my situation. Since then we have done several sessions and with each session we go to a level deeper. Along with all the incredible changes, one session even got rid of the recurring nightmares that I’ve had since 2008. What I love about PSYCH-K® sessions with Sheila is that she is caring, loving, attentive and very intuitive in her approach. You feel like you are in good hands. It takes a level of love and compassion to be able to deliver a session the way Sheila does. I am looking forward to our next session. Thank you Sheila!

Audrey Segura, Switzerland

Restored my hope and love for life

Sheila listens to your issue looking for the opportunity not the problem. Then, with her charming, cheerful personality, she lifts you up to a better place. She listens deeply to find where you are stuck, then she leads you with the balances to freedom. She is generous with her positive energy, her time, and her love. Doing PSYCH-K® balances with her, Sheila restored my hope & the love for my life. Thank you.

Randa Babili, Syria

Rapid, profound changes in my health

Working with Sheila, I noticed rapid, profound changes in my health, emotional reactions caused by past trauma, and I created fresh energy to spend on what I love and who I love. Despite the heavy topics, we had a lot of fun during the sessions. I’m deeply touched by her sincere curiosity, professionalism, and authentic love.

Robbert van Ede, Netherlands

Helped with life-long period pain

“I had 2 session with Sheila, and I was totally blown away. Sheila helped me greatly with my life-long issue of my period pain. She helped me greatly with my emotional and personal issues. She also gave me great and effective action plans to follow up after the sessions.

She is naturally able to make you feel relaxed and safe. Her passion for PSYCH-K® is contagious and truly reflects the outcome of the journey with her. She is very intuitive and able to connect deeply with you. The rest just happens naturally, and the outcome is extraordinary. I highly recommend this work with her to anyone!”

Eleonora Quinti, Indonesia.

My negative beliefs about relationships are gone

I was always curious about PSYCH-K® and having tried already many different therapies and healing methods. I have to say that I never experienced such a shift that could be felt in your body and in your mind like with PSYCH-K®. Working with Sheila was amazing. She is open and knowledgeable, and her approach gave me the feeling that I am in safe and competent hands. It is unbelievable how fast it worked. I felt such a relief inside of me – like something was removed that was blocking me. My negative beliefs about relationships are gone and I am ready to start my new life. Thank you so, so much Sheila for your help!

Elizabeta K., UK

Experienced a sense of lightness and hope

Your caring nature and loving presence created a safe space for me to explore some issues that have plagued me for a very long time.  I experienced a sense of lightness and hope afterward that has enabled me to continue a project that was really stuck.  I feel lucky to have found you and hope to do more sessions in the future.  You have a gentle and enthusiastic presence! Thank you, so much, Sheila.

Patricia Dirlam, Maine

Fear I had previously experienced had completely gone!
I had a PSYCH-K® session with Sheila needing help with a neighbour I was fearful of. Whenever he came close to my property or was outside, I was thrown into fear and panic that would last for the whole day or longer.

Sheila listened with compassion and understanding. I felt very at ease in her presence and could speak freely about my emotions around this situation. The session was very enjoyable yet powerful. Something within me felt different but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was exactly.

After a few days I saw the neighbour outside with his friends. I needed to retrieve something from my car and went out without giving it a second thought, said “hello” and returned. I felt calm and content. It suddenly dawned on me that the fear I had previously experienced had completely gone! Previously in that situation I would’ve waited (sometimes for hours) for them to leave before venturing out – that was the magnitude of my fear. I also noticed that my feelings towards him have changed from fear to compassion.

This was a massive shift! I am in absolute awe of how quickly and effortlessly this has changed. Sheila has such a beautiful manner and I immediately felt at ease to fully express myself in her presence. She is incredibly gifted and has changed something I didn’t think I would ever be able to change. I am so grateful.

Raquel Ashton, UK