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Luminescent Being is the call to our inner knowing – our inner light. It is the call to illuminate the world through healing, awakening, re-discovering, and ultimately owning who we truly are and what we came here to do in this lifetime. This is the essence of our human journey.

We get distracted from our true essence while we are on our human journey. Often, the plans we make and how we think life should be can cause tremendous disappointment, regret and disillusionment. We get caught up in our roles, conditioning, beliefs and perceptions. Our traumas and disappointments create subconscious limiting beliefs and disconnection from our inner light.  

By doing the work to heal, awaken and connect with our inner light, it brings us back home to who we truly are before the world got a hold of us.

Understanding the interconnectedness and interplay of our energy, consciousness and physical body allows us to step into our power and live life from our authentic Self.

As we unravel and let go of beliefs, perceptions and conditioning that keep us stuck in the past we reignite our inner light, which brings us more peace and ease with ourselves, our relationships and all aspects of our lives. We are able to make decisions from love and clarity of mind rather than the emotions and reactions in the moment. Through the work of healing and awakening we cultivate deep, innate self-love. Equanimity, gratitude and compassion bloom within us. As we light up, life lights us up!

Luminescent Being is a culmination of over 30 years of self-inquiry, healing and awakening.

I look forward to being with you on this awesome journey!